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At JJT3 Logistics, we pride ourselves on a carrier network that reaches from point A to point anywhere. We are a comprehensive TL, LTL and IMDL service provider. Our considerable resources enable us to offer shippers efficient transportation to every corner of North America and the world. And our considerable experience will make certain your loads arrive on time, every time.


We understand that better logistics is about building strong relationships with both shippers and carriers. Every day. With every load. Our approach is resource intensive and capacity-driven. All designed to maximize cargo efficiency and backhaul opportunities. And our centralized freight moving model is the new standard for the industry. The result? A get-it-done, streamlined attitude that delivers exceptional supply chain services.


It’s not enough to simply put goods in a truck and call it a day. Our continuous analysis and optimization of end-to-end supply chain operations provides valuable back office reporting. Our metrics and dashboards give you the data you need to continually identify areas of improvement. At JJT3 Logistics, we understand that the right data can always make good supply chain operations even better.


Smarter logistics solutions begin with a close partnership. At JJT3 Logistics, we get to know your supply chain challenges in depth right from the start. We ask questions. We study. We analyze. Only then do we offer custom solutions. Solutions that can take full advantage of underused assets. Solutions that can help you reach new markets and grow your business. Solutions that give you the freedom to do what you do best.

You provide the goods. We’ll provide the supply chain solutions.


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Very simply, carriers are the engine that drives the economy. Without you, it all comes to a halt. That’s why JJT3 Logistics is dedicated to providing you with seamless access to our rapidly growing list of customers. Whether you’re looking for a one-load contract or a dedicated, long-term relationship, JJT3 Logistics can make it happen. Our job is to keep your fleet up and rolling with full loads and happy drivers.


The logistics industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of our nation’s economy. And there is great opportunity here. After all, the secret to logistics is customer service. And the secret to customer service is great people. We’re looking for the best and brightest. People who are team oriented, motivated and understand the meaning of exceeding customer expectations. Come to JJT3 Logistics and we’ll train you to become a world-class logistics provider. Some positions even allow for remote access so you can work from home.

Join the JJT3 Logistics team and see what it’s like to move America one load at a time. For more information about career opportunities with JJT3 Logistics, email us at