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    Our considerable resources enable us to offer shippers efficient transportation to every corner of North America and the world. And our considerable experience will make certain your loads arrive on time, every time


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    Very simply, carriers are the engine that drives the economy. Without you, it all comes to a halt. That’s why JJT3 Logistics is dedicated to providing you with seamless access to our rapidly growing list of customers.


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    The logistics industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of our nation’s economy. And there is great opportunity here. After all, the secret to logistics is customer service. And the secret to customer service is great people.


jjt3 Logistics inc

Everything we touch has benefitted from logistics. Everything we touch had to be shipped from point A to point B. And every shipper of goods has agonized about how to maximize the efficiency of getting product to the marketplace. That’s serious business. And no logistics company takes your supply chain challenges more seriously than JJT3 Logistics.
Since we opened our doors few years ago, we’ve learned that fast is good, but faster is better. That’s why we’re not afraid of doing things a little differently to make sure every load arrives at its destination as profitably for you as possible.
We make the extra effort to know your logistics challenges from A to Z before tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs. We work hard every day to maintain strong relationships with hundreds of prequalified carriers nationwide. And we’re committed to investing in the latest technology to help maximize logistics efficiency.
At JJT3 Logistics, we understand that the fundamental challenges of getting goods to market don’t change.
But the solutions can.

Why Choose Us

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    Easy Transactions

    Hassle Free

    Put simply, we’re here to deliver hassle-free logistics. No matter the height, width, weight or distance, we’re determined to meet the challenge. There isn’t a problem we can’t solve. And no ‘standard’ answer. To us every single job is unique. We love coming up with new ways to solve your logistical problems and find the fastest, safest, most efficient way of getting your cargo from A to B. Even if we have to go via X, Y and Z. No job is too big. No problem too small. You’re depending on us – and we never forget it


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    Mobile Tracking

    In the world of international logistics, the quality of the customer experience is a critical source of competitive advantage. Our challenge was to maintain and enhance the quality of the experience by launching a smartphone solution.

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    World Wide Office

    We aim global logistics services. That's why we maintain and enhance the quality of the experience by launching a smartphone solution.


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AIM HIGH for excellent logistics services

JJT3 Logistics is dedicated to providing the best logistics services in the industry. We will use creativity, innovation, a fierce devotion to customer service and 50 years of combined logistics experience to find the most efficient mode of transportation for every load for every customer. That’s our promise. And we will fulfill that promise by investing in the most advanced logistics technology, investing in our employees and investing in training programs to meet the highest expectations of our customers.